What is White Coal Plant?

JK White Coal is in market with its innovative approach and technology-driven product White Coal plant Manufacturer which has been heralding a green era by creating a cheaper and alternative fuel in compare to costly and fast evanescent fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, lignite diesel etc.

by turning agro-forestry garbage and Municipal garbage into White Coal. JK is manufacturer majorly White Coal Plant, biomass dryer Machine, sawdust making machine and Biomass Crusher to New Technology of Sugarcare bagasse Dryer which is new Innovation after hard efforts and great success.

Promoting Renewable Energy on domestic as well as international level by installing the White Coal Machine by distributing flawless performance. We are always putting the best efforts to achieve this vision into reality as it is the goal of management and organizational team force to lead company at high augmentation with innovative, technical, organizational and management approach.

White Coal Plant - Jumbo-90 was commenced by JK White Coal in 1994 first time in India.

Technical Specification
  • Capacity : 1200-2500 Kgs/Hr
  • Finished Size : 90mm diameter
  • Finished Length : 100mm to 400mm
  • Finished Shape : Cylindrical
  • Material Form : Upto 25mm
  • Moisture of Material : 5% to 12%
Electricity / Power
  • Required power connection : 91HP / 68Kw
  • Practical used Amp. Load :75–85 (Approx)
  • Power consumption : 30–40 Units / Hr.
Production Capacity
  • Sugar Baggasse:1000 to 1400 KgKg/Hr(Apx.)
  • Groundnut shell:1800 to 2500Kg/Hr(Apx.)
  • SawDust:1500 to 1700Kg/Hr (Apx.)
  • Rice Husk :1000 to 1350Kg/Hr (Apx.)
  • Other Mix Material:Upto 1800 Kg/Hr

White coal plant 90 with diameter of 90mm, with production 1200-2500 kg / hr, Different type of raw material like agricultural waste, wood waste can be used to make white coal, briquettes. This model is best suitable for achieving medium production capacity with minimum capital expenditure.